Can a Learning Disability Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits? - PLBH (2024)

A person with a learning disability may be eligible for SSDI or SSI.

Can a Learning Disability Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits? - PLBH (1)

It is often challenging to be approved for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplement Security Income (SSI), particularly if you file an application without the assistance of an experienced Social Security disability benefits attorney. Understanding what the Social Security Administration (SSA) will and will not accept as a disability can be difficult, particularly if you are already struggling with the effects of the disability.

ManyAmericans — both children and adults — have been diagnosed withlearning disabilities. Depending on the severity of the condition andits impact on an individual’s life, a learning disability mayqualify an individual for SSDI or SSI.

Forchildren with learning disabilities, the SSA will analyze limitationsin a child’s ability to acquire and use information, attend andcomplete tasks, interact socially, move and manipulate objects,handle their own self-care, or health and physical well-being.According to a skilled Social Security disability benefits attorney,this examination may involve reviewing a child’s IQ test, IEP or504 plan, school reports, and progress notes from medicalprofessionals.

Adultsmay also receive Social Security disability benefits if they have alearning disability. However, these cases are often morechallenging, particularly if the applicant has worked in the past. An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may question why a person with alearning disability has been able to work in the past, yet is unableto work now. In some cases, a seasoned Social Security disabilitybenefits attorney can argue that past employers were able to makeaccommodations for the learning disability that current employers areunwilling to make.

TheSSA will look to the Listing of Impairments to determine if alearning disability qualifies as a disability. The residualfunctional capacity of an individual is used to determine his or herability to work at a full-time job. The SSA will consider alldisabling conditions in making this evaluation, such as a learningdisability, back pain, or a heart condition.

Whilea learning disability may not be as clear-cut as other types ofdisabilities for purposes of obtaining Social Security disabilitybenefits, there are a number of limitations that are presented withlearning disabilities that can make it difficult for an individual tobe gainfully employed in a full-time position. For example, a personwith a learning disability may not be able to stay on task, respondappropriately to coworkers or customers, or to remember job tasks. ASocial Security disability benefits attorney can work with you tohelp you put together a strong case for SSDI or SSI if you have alearning disability.

At PLBH, we have significant experience helping people with disabilities obtain benefits. Contact our office today at (800) 435-7542 or to learn more about how we can help you.

Can a Learning Disability Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits? - PLBH (2024)
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