Cursive z – How to Write a Lowercase z in Cursive (2024)

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There’s been a growing trend for schools to reduce the number of hours dedicated to teaching cursive writing to their students. In some cases, schools have even decided to cancel the entire cursive writing curriculum. This has created a situation where more people are searching online for resources to help them practice and learn how to write cursive. This website came into being to provide exactly those types of resources at no cost to the users. You can learn how to write any capital cursive letter or any cursive lowercase letter here with this page focused on how to write a cursive “z”.

Anyone who has a desire to learn how to write a cursive “z” should find the resources available here adequate to master the letter. Most of those who visit this page are students who want more practice writing the cursive “z”, but it also attracts teachers and homeschool parents who are looking for resources to give to their students and children. The page also attracts a fair amount of adults who already know how to write cursive, but want to check to make sure they’re correctly writing a cursive “z”. We welcome anyone who has stumbled upon this page and is interested in learning no matter the reason.

The two main resources available on this page are a cursive “z” video and a cursive “z” worksheet. The video is valuable to see the correct way to write the letter with an added bonus of also pointing out the ways those first learning often make mistakes. The worksheet is both printable and downloadable and comes with light trace lines which can help you master writing the letter. It’s also an excellent practice resource. Both of these should provide enough help and direction for you to confidently learn how to write a cursive “z”.

It’s important to note that this page teaches how to write a cursive “z” in D’Nealian cursive. There are many different cursive fonts available, but D’Nealian cursive has two distinct advantages to why it is used here. The first advantage is that it’s the style of cursive taught by the vast majority of students attending US schools. Most people when they think of “cursive writing” think about D’Nealian cursive. The second advantage is that it’s a simple and basic cursive font that makes it easier for beginners to learn compared to many of the fancier cursive fonts. Basically, it’s an excellent introductory cursive font for anyone to learn.

How to Write a Lowercase Cursive “z”

The cursive “z” is actually one of the most difficult cursive letters to learn. This is partly because it isn’t intuitively written from the print version and also because it’s a letter that isn’t used often so it can be easy to forget. This means that in order to master writing a cursive “z”, it’ll require time, effort, and dedicated practice. One of the best ways to begin the journey to learning to write this letter is to watch a video about how to properly write it. The video will show you how to write a cursive “z” while also pointing out mistakes that you should avoid that are commonly made with this letter. Since this is one of the more difficult letters to master, you should watch the video multiple times until you feel you have a concrete understanding of how to write it.

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Once you have watched the video several times, you still aren’t finished with it. The next step is to download and print out the cursive “z” worksheet. Once you have the worksheet in front of you, you’ll want to watch the video again while tracing the trace lines at the same time as the video. This will help to ensure that you’re correctly writing the stroke and you aren’t making any of the common mistakes. Again, due to this being a more difficult letter to master, you may have to do this several times to gain confidence that you can do it on your own without the help of the video or worksheet. Once you feel confident writing a cursive “z” without help, it still is advisable to go back to the video and worksheet from time to time as you practice to make sure you’re still properly writing it.

Try one of the worksheets

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As stated at the beginning of this page, the free online resources are for anyone to use who has an interest in helping others or themselves learn how to write a cursive “z”. If you spent some time with the video and worksheet, we’d appreciate getting your opinion on them. Both positive and negative opinions are helpful for us to hear so that we can make changes to make the resources better. The more we understand who is using them and why they are using them, the better we can make adjustments so that it’s even easier for beginners to learn how to write a cursive “z” in the future.

Cursive z – How to Write a Lowercase z in Cursive (2024)
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