Game Room Solutions That Save Space (& Look Cool) (2024)

Now that you’ve decided to set up a game room at home, you need some concrete solutions to make it happen. The truth is, most home game rooms are relatively small and can get cramped rather quickly. Plus, if they get cluttered, you and the fam will be tripping over everything constantly. (That’s not a fun game, you have to admit.) To help, below are a few game room solutions that will save you some space in your new game room. Plus, they’ll give you more space to get crazy and move around while you play!

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Game Room Solutions: Storage Unit

Video games, especially the old console table games, take up an awful lot of space. Other games like foosball, billiards, ping pong, and air hockey take up even more space. Even if your game room is huge, you can quickly run out of room if you have too many bigger games. That’s why many people decide to rent a storage unit for their games and gear. Storage units are clean, safe, and affordable. There are several sizes to choose from, and choose one that fits your needs perfectly. Even better, you can easily access your storage unit when you need something or want to store something else. Your games and gear will stay clean and safe for the next round of fun!

Game Room Solutions: Multi-Use Furniture

Multi-use furniture goes great in a gaming room, especially benches. They double as seating with storage underneath for older games, accessories, and other game room stuff. Futons are also excellent, as gamers and their guests can use them for both seating and when you want to chill, lounging.

Clear Storage Bins Keep Games Organized

Gamers buy games and, after a while, those games add up! (Board games especially!) To keep them from overwhelming your game room, organizing experts recommend clear plastic bins. Not only are they stackable to save space but, since they’re relatively see-through. That makes it easy for someone searching through the games to see what’s inside.

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Shelving for Video and Other Games

There’s nothing like going back to a game you used to enjoy playing and playing it again! The problem is, if you have a lot of games, finding that particular game might be challenging. If you have so many games you need 10 minutes to find the right one; shelving might be a good solution. It will help you organize your games and help you see them clearly and quickly. Who knows, choosing your next game might be as fun as the game itself! (Well, almost.)

Setting Up the Best Game Room

What makes a game room the best? That depends on the gamer, of course, and their particular likes and taste. Then again, there are some things almost everyone enjoys and would be perfect in a game room. If you want to make yours the best, the next few tips and suggestions will help.

Add Area Rugs and Pillows

When you’re deep into your fave game, it’s nice to be able to feel comfortable. Lots of big pillows will undoubtedly help with that. Area rugs are a welcome addition too, and also dampen the noise when someone gets overly enthusiastic. Plus, after you trounce the competition, you can lay back and revel in the glory in comfort. When it comes to game room solutions, mark this one as ‘definitely needed!’

Use Real Arcade Games with Cabinets

Here’s the thing; the older console games like Galaga, Pac Man, and the rest were, in a word, awesome. Go back even further, and you’ll find pinball games, loud and boisterous (and a real blast!). Any of these large, console-enclosed games would be a fantastic addition to your game room. The sounds, lights, and feel of the ‘oldies’ make them a crowd favorite!

Use Lighting that Adds to the Room

Depending on the game you’re playing, you may need some extra lighting. Board games especially demand being able to see what’s going on to win. Pinball and console games? The lights can be dimmer with those because they generate their light. To cover your bases, strong lights that anyone can easily dim are best.

Add Some Tunes

Everything goes better with music. If you’re looking for game room solutions that make it the best, nothing can’t beat a sound system. Of course, these days, you can also use a portable speaker and your phone. Either way, sweet-sounding tunes can make a good game room great.

Get a Mini-Fridge for Drinks and Snacks

Snacks are an integral part of the gaming lifestyle. Having a mini-fridge to keep them cold would be perfect. That way, you would always have snacks handy. (Plus, for the adults, the adult beverages will always be nice and cold.)

Let us know in the comments below how you make your game room special!

This post was published on 10/15/2019. It was updated on 3/11/2021.

Game Room Solutions That Save Space (& Look Cool) (2024)
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