Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (2024)


  • Kengan Ashura features a diverse cast of fighters with unique backgrounds, motivations, and fighting styles, all competing in intense battles for their organizations.
  • The main fighters in the series have a wide range of ages, heights, and fighting disciplines, including styles like Niko Style, Kaiwan Style, Hatsumi-Style Aikido, and more.

Kengan Ashura has become an iconic series among martial arts anime and manga. The masterpiece has enthralled audiences worldwide not only with its intense battles but also introduced a diverse cast of fighters with unique backgrounds, motivations, and experiences.

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They also display all sorts of techniques and fighting styles and put everything on the line to win matches for the sake of their organizations. As fans of this series, it’s only natural to be curious about the vital statistics of these formidable warriors. Without further ado, here are the ages, heights, and birthdays of the main fighters in Kengan Ashura.

Kengan Ashura Character Statistics Chart

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (1)

Kengan Ashura is filled with electric battles named Kengan matches that bring various fighters with differing backgrounds, motivations, ages, and fight styles together to compete. The titular protagonist, Ohma, and his rival, Kiryu Setsuna, had rough childhoods in The Inside and are both fluent in the Niko Style. Some fighters like Hatsumi Sen use self-invented styles, and some like Julius Reinhold don’t use any at all, but they are all powerhouses who dominate and stand out among the other fighters. Below is the statistics table for all the main fighters in the series.

Ohma Tokito28182cm / 6’0”Niko Style, Kure Clan Style
Kuroki Gensai51182cm / 6’1”Kaiwan Style
Kanoh AgitoN/A201cm / 6’7”Custom-Made Style, Formless, Niko Style
Hatsumi Sen41178cm / 5’10”Hatsumi-Style Aikido
Kiryu Setsuna26180cm / 5’11”Koei Style, Niko Style
Julius Reinhold36205cm / 6’9”Brute Force
Kaolan Wongsawat28187cm / 6’2”Boxing, Muay Thai
Wakatsuki Takeshi40193cm / 6’4”Brute Force, Grappling, Rokushin Kaikan Karate
Kure Raian21188cm / 6’2”Kure Clan Style
Akoya Seishu31191cm / 6’3”Taiho-jutsu

1 Ohma Tokito

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (2)

Ohma Tokito is the protagonist who was recruited to fight for the Nogi Group in Kengan matches after they witnessed him brawling in an alley. He switched allegiances for the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, representing Yamash*ta Trading Co.

He is a master of the Niko style and the Kure Clan Style, undergoing training with several members of the said clan like Kure Raian. His great senses allow him to predict his opponents' strikes and properly plan for them, and he can also increase his heartbeat to attain maximum strength and speed.

2 Kuroki Gensai

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (3)

The underground matches have several assassins, but Kuroki is by far the strongest and most experienced. He was employed by Motorhead Motors to participate in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Through training in the Kaiwan Style, he has developed hands that are as durable as steel with fingers that can easily pierce metal.

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He is also familiar with the base principles of several martial arts styles, and, by extension, their weaknesses. He is the only person to have defeated the previously undefeated Kanoh Agito. His defense is also impregnable, making him really hard to defeat, and solidifying his position as the strongest character in the series.

3 Kanoh Agito

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (4)

Dainippon Bank’s representative during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament was the strongest fighter and the favorite to win it before his battle with Kuroki Gensai. His ability to adapt to a fighting style and create a custom style to counter it is his most impressive attribute.

In tandem with Kanoh’s prideful nature, he prefers to beat his opponent with their preferred technique, only switching when his back is against the wall. His formless style can also be very frightening, with his animal instincts taking over all his decision-making.

4 Hatsumi Sen

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (5)

Hatsumi Sen is a great fighter who is mostly in a calm and nonchalant state. He prefers to live life easily and spends most of his time trying to pick up women. This attitude of his is responsible for many of his losses, with him forgetting to show up to battles sometimes.

However, when he gets serious in battle, only a handful of characters can manage to hold him off. His Hatsumi Style Aikido is very unpredictable due to being a unique martial arts style that was created by his grandfather and only passed down in their family.

5 Kiryu Setsuna

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (6)

Kiryu Setsuna appears kind and gentle initially, but this only hides his true demeanor, which was influenced by the hardships he faced in his childhood in The Inside. After being saved by Ohma, he becomes infatuated with him and spends a lot of time trying to seek him out.

He is also a master of the Koei and Niko Styles, defeating Ozu Toshio easily despite the latter being previously undefeated. He is also very stealthy, possessing footwork that can deceive an opponent into believing that he has vanished.

6 Julius Reinhold

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (7)

Julius Reinhold nicknamed The Monster, is a colossal man who stands 205cm tall. He is highly muscular due to the dangerous amount of steroids he has ingested and believes that sheer strength is all that is needed to survive in this world.

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A lot of training and studying has gone into the use of his muscles, implementing his knowledge of biology, sports medicine, and physics to max out the output of all his muscles, allowing him to shatter rock and run as fast as a sprinter despite being built like a tank and weighing 200kg.

7 Kaolan Wongsawat

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (8)

The Thai God of War and representative of Yato Trading Co., Kaolan Wongsawat, is a Muay Thai master whose expertise was noticed by the King of Thailand from a very young age, who appointed him to become his bodyguard.

He discovered the weaknesses in Muay Thai and turned to Boxing to cover them. In time, he became the world heavyweight champion across four organizations and the second-best boxer of all time. His strength, speed, and quick mind, allow him to throw out up to fifteen punches in just one breath.

8 Wakatsuki Takeshi

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (9)

Wakatsuki Takeshi is the fighter with the most number of wins in Kengan matches, and, by extension, the most experienced. He was born with muscles fifty-two times denser than the average human, and as a result, he weighs almost 200 kg despite his height and size.

The muscles cover most of his vital areas, making it harder to strike him there. They also fuel one of the strongest punches in the entire series, which in combination with his Blast Core and grappling techniques, make him very hard to stop.

9 Kure Raian

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (10)

Kure Raian, also known as The Devil, is an assassin from the Kure Clan who represents Under Mount, Inc. in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He is a violent man who derives joy from inflicting pain on others and has said on many occasions that he intends to prove himself as the strongest by killing all the combatants involved in the tournament.

His Kure Clan Style targets the vital areas of his opponents, aiming to destabilize them. The 100% Removal Rating he achieved greatly boosts his durability and endurance, making him one of the toughest fighters to face.

10 Akoya Seishu

Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (11)

A Police Inspector and Captain of the 44th Riot Squad, Akoya Seishu, spends a lot of his time as a vigilante who secretly carries out ruthless justice on criminals. The Wakasa Life Insurance company contracted him to represent them in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, where he showcased his power as one of the strongest characters in the series.

His Taiho-jutsu has one of the best defensive techniques, akin to a police officer stopping a riot. He is so ruthless on offense, that Akoya Seishu needs to be held back sometimes so as not to do things he won’t regret later.

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Kengan Ashura: Every Main Fighter’s Age, Height, & Discipline (2024)


How tall is Ohma in feet? ›

I'm Ohma height at 6'0 (182cm).

How much does Ohma weigh? ›

Weight: 187 lbs. Tokita Ohma is fairly tall, coming in above average when compared to other male anime characters, and only about six inches from being considered a behemoth in our Anime Workouts Database. That said, his 187 pounds seem pretty good for the amount of mass he has on his physique.

Who is stronger, Ohma or Kuroki? ›

In the final match of the tournament, Kuroki fought against a valiant Ohma but eventually achieved victory after weathering everything Ohma could throw at him.

Who has a crush on Ohma? ›

Karura is an extremely curious and independent individual, going off to explore wherever she wants on a whim. Upon sensing Tokita Ohma's great strength, Karura has become infatuated with him to stalker-like levels, bluntly telling him that she wanted his children.

How tall is agito? ›

Kanoh Agito is 201 cm (6'7) and is as tall as a door.

Is Ohma a God? ›

Ohma is a God Warrior that is found dormant under Pejitei.

How big is Ohma? ›

Kenganverse Wiki:Heights & Weights
NameHeight (cm)Weight (kg)
Tokita Ohma18285
Ushiroda Takero17198
Wakatsuki Takeshi193193
Yoroizuka Saw Paing18488
87 more rows

Who is Ohma a clone of? ›

Ohma and Ryuki are really clones of Yan, head of the Worm. In his dying words, Fei tells Ohma and Ryuki that they're both clones.

Who killed Tokita Niko? ›

Power & Abilities

Taira Genzan was a supposedly powerful fighter, able to best and kill someone of Niko's calibre in combat. However, in reality, Genzan was not at the level of Niko Tokita; he was only able to kill Niko after the man had completely exhausted himself after fighting Ohma and The Other Niko.

How to get body like Ohma Tokita? ›

Training Volume:
  1. 6 days per week. Explanation:
  2. 10 Explosive Push Ups. Core A: Russian Twists. 3×30. Sit Ups w/ Twist. 3×30.
  3. 50 High Knee Skips. 20 Push Ups. 50 Alternating Skips. 20 Air Squats. 50 Double Unders. 10 Pull Ups. Core B: ...
  4. 200 Air Squats.
  5. 150 Push Ups. 50 Pull Ups. Run 1600 Meters. Core C: Weighted Plank. 3×60 seconds.

What is Niko to Ohma? ›

Tokita Niko ( 十 と 鬼 き 蛇 た 二 に 虎 こ ; "Niko Tokita") was Ohma Tokita's master and adoptive father, and practioner of the Niko Style. "Tokita Niko" was a name used by the seven students of the creator of the Niko Style, Gaoh Mukaku. This Niko was referred to as Four ( 四 よん Yon) by the other Nikos.

Can Ohma defeat Baki? ›

In terms of strength and skill, Baki Hanma is stronger than Ohma Tokita. However, one must keep in mind that the difference between the series' power levels is great. The most powerful character in the Baki series is shown to have stopped earthquakes easily, and Baki Hanma is someone who is recognized by that man.

Who beats Ohma? ›

Raian defeats Ohma in Round 2 of the KAT.

Did Ohma beat kiryu? ›

In the Kengan Annihilation tournament, Ohma had to struggle a lot to beat his opponents. His desire to become the best forced him to evolve in every single fight, and it played a major role in his victories. Ohma managed to win almost all of his fights, including a duel against Kiryu Setsuna.

Who is the shortest fighter in Kengan? ›

Inaba Ryo is the smallest fighter in the tournament, standing at 155 cm, with a slight yet well-defined frame, notably pale skin, and dead-looking eyes with large bags under them.

How tall is Rei Kengan? ›

Height/Weight:177 CM/77 KG.

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