NBA 2K23: Every 2KTV Question & Answer (Episode 2) (2024)

NBA 2K23, the continuation of the annually released series from Visual Concepts and Take-Two Interactive, brings back its trivia mode NBA 2KTV for its 9th season. Featuring multiple rotating Episodes of 2KTV in NBA 2K23, players can answer questions about the history of basketball, specific athletes, or even new features present in the game. Entertaining players through rapid-fire inquiries into their personal knowledge, NBA 2KTV's second Episode continues this feature forward to continue this intellectual challenge.

Virtual Currency in NBA 2K23 is a premium resource that becomes harder and rarer to obtain as players participate in many of this basketball simulator's modes. However, NBA 2KTV eases up on that difficulty, as answering any of the asked questions correctly grants players a specific VC reward, usually between 100-200 VC. Definitely one of the best ways to earn free VC in NBA 2K23, 2KTV may net players up to an immense 3,700 VC should they be prepared for the trivia in the second Episode.

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With regard to Episode 2 of 2KTV, the same questions are set without rotating between a number of options. Even though the Episodes change weekly, the prompts associated with each are the same, so players should pay attention to which Episode's trivia is available when accessing this mode. No VC is rewarded for players who answer a query incorrectly, and repetitious errors could spiral further until nothing is gained for players who aren't prepared.

Every NBA 2K23 Question & Answer to Episode 2 of NBA 2KTV

In contrast to the Music Trivia for NBA 2K23, 2KTV becomes selectable right when booting up the game, as opposed to having to search another mode to find it. Simply going into the main menu and selecting the 2KTV option right below "WNBA" and "Features" opens up 2KTV for players.



How many times has Shaq been on the cover of NBA 2K?


How many combined NBA championships have Klay Thompson and his father, Mychal, won?


How many times has Zach Levine won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest?


What is Zion Williamson's career Field Goal percentage?


What is the name of Klay Thompson's popular dog?


In what year was Zion Williamson the #1 overall Draft Pick?


Which of the following is a new Badge in NBA 2K23?

Middy Magician

Which Badge category are you utilizing the most in NBA 2K23?

Any Answer

Which Badge category has the largest number of statistical categories in it?


Which Badge category has the smallest number of statistical categories in it?


How many tiers of Badges are there in the NBA 2K23 myPlayer Builder?


In what year of NBA 2K did Badges make their first appearance?

NBA 2K15

In how many NBA seasons has Klay Thompson averaged above 40% on 3-Pointers?


Which of these honors did Shaq achieve the most times?


What is Shaq's DJ name?

DJ Diesel

In 2000, Shaq scored a career high __ points against the Clippers.


What jersey number did Shaq wear in his last NBA season?


What is the name of the Shaq-themed pizza at Papa John's?


Where did 2K22's top Play of the Year take place?

The Rec

How many Top Plays will you submit to 2KTV this year?

Any Answer

  • NBA 2K23: Every 2KTV Question & Answer (Episode 2) (2)
    NBA 2K23

    NBA 2K23 is the 2022 installment of the NBA 2K franchise developed by Visual Concepts. This edition features Phoenix Suns' Devin Booker in the standard edition, with Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan in the championship version. There's also a special WNBA edition featuring Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi for the first time. This new entry includes the Jordan Challenge mode and significant updates for MyNBA, allowing players to start their MyCareer during the 83-84, 91-92, or 02-03 seasons. In addition, team rosters have been updated to feature the latest players, and the next-gen editions of the game will have GOAT boat as its core campaign mode, with The City 3.0 for the last-gen editions.

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NBA 2K23: Every 2KTV Question & Answer (Episode 2) (2024)


How to do 2KTV questions? ›

How to answer 2KTV questions. You can select 2KTV as an option from the game's main menu, near the bottom of the menu list. Watch the current episode, and answer the questions as they come up.

Can you earn VC from 2KTV? ›

NBA 2KTV is the series' weekly show which you can access from the main menu screen or during MyCareer by bringing up your Smartphone (left d-pad button) and accessing the NBA 2KTV app. During each episode there'll be interactive elements, allowing you to vote or answer questions for VC rewards.

How much VC can you get from 2KTV 2K24? ›

During 2KTV, questions will regularly pop up on the bottom part of the screen. New episodes air every week and typically debut each Friday. Answer these questions correctly, and one should expect a free VC reward that's usually around 200 per question.

What we know about 2K23? ›

NBA 2K23
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Xbox One Xbox Series X/S Apple Arcade (Arcade Edition)
ReleaseWW : September 9, 2022 Arcade Edition WW : October 18, 2022
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer
4 more rows

How many questions is 2K trivia? ›

Each trivia set features three questions.

How to get free VC 2K24? ›

You get one VC for each point you score, three for a 3-pointer, two for a regular field goal, one for a free throw — and multiple for other actions, like four for an assist and three for a rebound.

Can you share VC on 2K? ›

You cannot transfer VC between versions of NBA 2K. That not only includes different console versions of the same game (i.e. Xbox One), but different entries in the NBA 2K series (like NBA 2K23 to NBA 2K24).

How much is 2K24 going to be? ›

How? 10-20$ season passes that can only be bought with real money.

Who made 2K? ›

Games. All twenty-four of the series main installments have been developed by Visual Concepts. The first six games were published by Sega Sports, before the company sold Visual Concepts to Take Two Interactive, thus forming 2K Sports.

How do you challenge in NBA 2K? ›

PVP Challenges will live on your Player Info page, AKA the button in the bottom right corner on the main menu. From there, you'll be able to hit “Find Opponent” to search for the user you want to challenge, type in their username or Player ID number, and then click “Challenge” to send the request.

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