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Games SkillRed Ball Red Ball 4 Vol 1

Red Ball 4 Vol 1

Play Red Ball 4 Vol 1 for free now on Jopi. Red Ball 4 Vol 1 is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Red Ball 4 Vol 1 takes Red Ball on a sunny journey rolling through the country and going up and down hills while racing to the end of each level. Crossing bridges, gathering stars, and figuring out the way through obstacles are my favorite parts of the game. Eliminate the ugly and angry boxes and other objects that stand in the way, however, do not let the enemy touch you, or Red Ball dies. Push as fast as possible through the levels and jump over the gorges, but be certain not to fall in, as this also leads to elimination.

Red Ball 4: Vol. 1, the first of five exciting chapters in the Red Ball 4 series, is a fun, physics-based, side-scrolling platformer that features the popular Red Ball trying to save worlds from the Gray Cube army that wants everything turned into cube and square shapes. Each chapter features 15 levels in a new world where Red Bull must do whatever it can to stop the enemy.

In Vol. 1 ("Green Hills"), the player must help Red Ball save a countryside setting, depicted as grassy hills, rolling stones, waterways and wooden bridges, carts, crates, ramps and swinging platforms, from Gray Cube underlings and the final Monocle Cube big boss. The player can choose to play as Red Ball or a yellow ball, black ball, soccer ball, basketball ball or red, blue or orange round red fruit.

The player must roll and bounce Red Ball across the landscape and move objects to overcome various challenges and obstacles. For example, they must keep the character out of water or risk it drowning. If it falls into a gorge, it dies. The player receives three heart-shaped lives to help them. They can also collect stars to receive gold medals. If the player doesn't collect them all, they receive silver medals.

How To Play

Roll Red Ball along the grassy hills. To collect stars, knock into them. Bounce on objects to launch onto other objects. Push objects to create stairs or bouncing platforms. To complete each level, defeat rolling Gray Cubes. Reach red flags for save points. To win, stop Monocle Cube.


Keyboard: Red Ball 4: Vol. 1 gameplay works best with a keyboard. Press the W or Up Arrow key to bounce the character into the air; the A or Left Arrow key to roll left; or the D or Right Arrow key to roll right. To launch onto a platform or object, press the D or Right Arrow key to quickly roll down a hill or off a ramp onto the platform, or press the W or Up Arrow in combination with a left or right direction key to jump and move in the direction.
Mouse: This version of the game doesn't work entirely with a mouse. Use the mouse to click onscreen buttons.
Mobile: This version of the game doesn't work entirely with a touch screen or pad. Tap the surface to use buttons.

About the Creator:

Red Ball 4 Vol 1 is created by FDG Entertainment. They have also created the following games: Red Ball 4 Vol 4, Red ball 5, Red Ball 4 Vol 3, Red Ball 4 Vol 2,

Red Ball 4 Vol 1 Walkthrough

Red Ball 4 Vol 1 Online

You can play Red Ball 4 Vol 1 online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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Red Ball 4 Vol 1 - Play Red Ball 4 Vol 1 on Jopi> (2024)
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