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Games SkillRed Ball Red Ball 4 Vol 4

Red Ball 4 Vol 4

Play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 for free now on Jopi. Red Ball 4 Vol 4 is available to play for free on our website without any downloads.
Red ball 4 vol 4 is the newest game in the red ball series. This version features more new levels, help the red ball to get to his goal and pick up the stars in the levels. In the platformer Red Ball version 4 your goal is to finish the level and to collect as many stars as possible. Watch out for the enemies, traps and laser guides. They all have one goal: to destroy your red ball.

You are a red ball that moves in the level using the keyboard arrow keys, up is jump. Collect as many stars as possible for maximum points. Don't touch the enemies, you can destroy an enemy by jumping on it. Watch out for traps or laser beams. In some levels you have to complete a small puzzle.

There are 15 levels in red ball 4 vol 4.
Red Ball 4 Vol 4 - Play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 on Jopi> (65)
In the options screen you can alter the game settings like the music, the sound. Watch credits or watch a movie.
Red Ball 4 Vol 4 - Play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 on Jopi> (66)
If you are stuck in the game you can watch a gameplay walk-through video, just click on video walk-through next to the title.

red ball 4 screenshot

Red Ball 4 Vol 4 - Play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 on Jopi> (67)
In-game screenshot of red ball 4 vol 4. You control the red ball that moves through the field. In the top left you see your lives, top right displays your score and bottom left is the in game menu.

The newest game in the Red Ball series is Red Ball 4, volume 4. Unlike other Red Ball games in this series, there are more levels. With your help, the red ball needs to achieve its goal by completing 15 levels. Finish each level by picking up as many stars as you can without falling prey to the enemy.

Enemies are all around you. Danger lurks as traps appear and try to destroy you, making it tough to complete your goal. Keep your senses about you at all times. Be on the look out for a trap that may destroy you. Don't let laser beams destroy you. Grab as many stars as you can, and complete as many levels as you can.

Your keyboard arrows are used to move your red ball throughout each level. The arrow that points up moves you up, the arrow that points down moves you down. Collect your stars without being destroyed by the enemy, but you can retaliate by jumping on it to destroy it. When you have reached level 15, you have reached your goal.

There's a surprise puzzle for you to complete at one of the levels. You can listen to music as you play Red Ball 4, you can even watch a short film if you'd like. You can track your score that's posted on the top right hand side of the screen, and check out the menu at the bottom left hand side of the screen. On the top left is the number of lives that you have at any given moment throughout the game. Remember, collect your stars without falling prey to the enemy. Watch out for traps and lasers, and destroy each enemy as it appears by jumping on them. When you've reached level 15, you've completed your goal.

About the Creator:

Red Ball 4 Vol 4 is created by FDG Entertainment. They have also created the following games:

Red Ball 4 Vol 4 Walkthrough

Red Ball 4 Vol 4 Online

You can play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 online, you can play the game direct in your browser. No download is necessary.

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Red Ball 4 Vol 4 - Play Red Ball 4 Vol 4 on Jopi> (2024)
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