Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (2024)

Shih Tzu Puppies For Sale Near Me

Adorable 17 wk purebreed Shih Tzu male puppy

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (1)Adorable 17 wk male pure breed shih Tzu puppy. He is very playful and loving. He loves everyone. Would be great for a family.He is pad trained and sleeps in his crate through the night. 1st Vet exam vaccine deworming and heartworm dose Dec.1st.Also AKC paper to register available. Breeder information supplied.He weighs approximately 6.75lbs. He has such a great personality!Price includes crate bedding food toys and pk of training pads.Pick up no delivery.Buy Now

Adorable Shih Tzu male puppy

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (2)Adorable 17 week male shih tzu puppy. Tri color beautiful coat. He is very playful and loving.Would be great for a family. Gets along with everyone. He is pad trained and sleeps in his crate at night. He has first vaccination, deworming, 1st heartworm dose, and vet exam.Price includes crate, pads, bed, toys, and food.Buy Now

6 weeks old puppy

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (3)6 weeks old vaccinated and dewormed very healthy and playful looking for a permanent homeBuy Now

Lovely Beautiful Shih Tzu Puppies ready now

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (4)All puppies have a pedigree certificate and are registered in the Dog Lovers Registration Club.Puppies will be ready for their new checked all clear by vet.They are microchipped, 1st vaccinations and 3 times dewormedView Detail

Shih Tzu puppys now ready

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (5)All puppies leave for their new homes after having a very thorough vet check, their 1st Vaccination, microchip, the dog lovers papers, and a well thought out puppy pack which is a few weeks sumply of food, blanket, toys, treats and bowls, leads/collars etc.View Detail

Shih Tzu boys Ready Now

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (6)Puppies will come microchipped, and first vaccine and will be flead and wormed Mummy & daddy can both be seen.View Detail

Family pet and is kc registered

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (7)All pups have been wormed every 2 weeks and will be micro-chipped and 1st immunization, pups have been raised with children and love laying on the couch for a cuddle!!! Mum is an imperial so pups are small and are very chunky and fluffy!!!View Detail

Lovely Shih tzu puppies ready to leave us now

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (8)Both pups passed their health check with flying colours, they are microchipped, had their first vaccination and are both flead and wormed.Please get in touch if you would like to give either of our puppies their forever homes.View Detail

Shih Tzu Puppies for Sale

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (9)Cuddly, fluffy teddy bear 'Shih Tzu' puppies for sale. All with lovely colours brown/white, white/black and black with white markings. Puppies can be viewed with both parents brought up in a family home. Puppies have been dewormed, vet checked, microchipped and had first injection, ready to go. Please contact me to arrange a viewing.View Detail



Lovely Shih Tzu Puppies looking for new homes

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (11)Ready for their new homes. Lovely litter of babies. Mum is 1/2 Imperial, Dad full imperial. Mum is a lovely natured girl and she has been the best mum to these babies and Dad is a cheeky loving boy. Pups leave View Detail

imperial shih tzu pups

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (12)Gorgeous chocolate orange imperial shih tzu pups available to loving forever home really playful happy little pups wormed and flea treat to date will also come microchipped and a puppy pack.View Detail

Full Shih Tzu puppies available

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (13)They have received the very best of everything so far in their little lives and are looking for special families to take over from us…View Detail

Pedigree Imperial Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (14)Would love him to go to someone who has a lot of time, never been on their own. extremely loved and will only be let go to the right family. microchipped, vaccinated, worm and flea treated. Both mum and Dad are KC Registered.View Detail

Ready to leave Now. Shih Tzu puppies currently 9 weeks old.

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (15)Ready to leave Now. Shih Tzu puppies currently 9 weeks old. 1 healthy, cheeky, adorably playful boy pup who loves belly rubs remaining (black and white fur) Dewormed every two weeks since week 2. Puppies have been vet checked✅, microchipped✅ and first vaccination✅ completed on 16th October. Health checked. ✅Mum and dad are our family dog and can be viewed together with pups. Puppies are on solid food and pad trained (although a few incidents)Viewing highly recommended. Genuine enquiries only.View Detail

Shih Tzu Lovely Family Pet Now Available

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (16)Ready to leave!!! Beautiful coloured pure shihtzu puppies will be ready to leave to their new forever families. Both parents can be seen when viewing as they’re family pets. Mum and dad have all vaccinations up to date and have a great temperament. Puppy will be: Vet checked, first vaccination, fully wormed, weaned, and ready to leave us at 8 weeks. Puppy will leave with: * A blanket * A Toy * A bag of their food * Paperwork from the Vets * Pedigree certificate Detail

AKC Registered Shih tzu Puppies

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (17)AKC Registered Shih Tzu Puppies, microchip, 3 sets of vaccines males liver nose $2,250.00 male black/white $1,700.00 females $2,000.00 phone # xxx-xxx-xxxxBuy Now

Shih tzu puppies AKC Registered

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (18)AKC Registered, microchip and all vaccines, 2 first ones are $2,250.00 males, third one $1,750.00 also male 4th is female $2,000.00 phone # xxx-xxx-xxxxBuy Now

Shih-Tzu Puppies

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (19)Adorable Registered and Pedigreed Shih-Tzu Puppies. I have 5 males and one female. They are just now at 8 weeks old and fully weaned and ready for their forever home! They are the cutest little balls of fluff ever! I am a mom-and-pop breeder and am NOT a puppy mill. I only have one Pedigreed DAM and ONE Pedigreed SIRE for these litters twice a year. We love and spoil all of these little pups and their parents as they are family to us. These dogs are perfect for Seniors or those who Love indoor dogs. They are not good for people with children under 8 as the dogs are too tiny and fragile to be mishandled. However, they are an extremely loyal and loving breed and will follow and cuddle you anywhere.Buy Now


Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (20)I have three males and two females shih tzu - maltese mix have first round of vaccinations and deworming.Buy Now

Locations Where Shih Tzu Puppies are Available in Houston

Austin Street, Washington Ave./ Memorial Park, Texas Avenue, Northeast Houston, Texas 249, Northside, Westside, Northshore, East Mount Houston Road, Canyon Lakes Village, Briarforest, Texas 8 Beltway, Southwest Houston, Downtown Houston, River Oaks, Kingwood, Aldine Gardens, Romano Woods, Greenwood Forest, Midtown, Northwest Houston,

Shih Tzu For Sale in Houston (250) | Petzlover (2024)


How much should I pay for a Shih Tzu? ›

The price of a Shih Tzu will depend on some factors like its age, breeder's reputation, color, and bloodline. A Shih Tzu dog's price can range from around $500-$1800 if you buy one from a breeder. Some purebred, show-quality Shih Tzus purchased from reputable breeders can cost around $5000.

What is the lowest price of Shih Tzu? ›

The price of a Shih Tzu in India ranges between Rs 30,000.00 to Rs 60,000.00 . A wide variety of shih-tzus in India have a huge price difference because the most expensive ones come from pure breeding while the lower priced ones are from mixed or cross breeding.

Why are Shih Tzus so expensive? ›

Why are Shih Tzus so expensive? As small dogs, Shih Tzus do not have puppies per litter. Typical litters contain about 3 pups. A reputable breeder does not get rich from breeding Shih Tzus – the price of the puppies reflects the amount of health tests, veterinary care and time spent with the puppies.

What is the best age to buy a Shih Tzu? ›

There are different opinions, as well as a variety of factors, that influence the answer to this question. However, most veterinarians and breeders would put the optimum age to bring home a puppy somewhere between 8-to-10 weeks old.

Do Shih Tzus bark a lot? ›

Contrary to popular belief, Shih Tzus are known for being relatively quiet compared to other breeds. This fact makes them a great choice for apartment living or other situations where excessive barking can be an issue. In fact, some owners report that their Shih Tzu rarely barks at all.

What color Shih Tzu cost the most? ›

While you may be able to pick up a Shih Tzu puppy for as little as $250, reputable breeders usually charge between $500 and $1000. Liver puppies are often more expensive and can cost as much as $3,500! Speciality Shih Tzus such as the Teacup Shih Tzu will be even more pricey.

What are common problems with Shih Tzu dogs? ›

The most common disorders affecting Shih Tzus in the study were periodontal disease (inflammation of the gums and tissue around the teeth, affecting 9.5% of Shih Tzus), anal sac impaction (7.4%) and ear disorders (5.5%).

How many years does a Shih Tzu live? ›

Shih Tzu's life expectancy

The average age of Shih Tzu is approximately 13 years, while their life expectancy ranges between 10 to 16 years. The world's oldest Shih Tzu lived for 23 years. This toy breed is commonly known for its independence and ability to thrive in different environments.

Do Shih Tzus only bond to one person? ›

They can be a one-person dog, or the loveable family companion. They're naturally confident, dignified, and affectionate. For a toy-breed, the Shih Tzu expresses one of the most well-rounded personalities.

Do Shih Tzus stick to one person? ›

Q: Do Shih Tzus get attached to one person? A: Shih Tzus are loyal and devoted family dogs. However, they are overly attached and overly affectionate with one family member. It is safe to say that the Shih Tzu is a “one-person dog”.

Do Shih Tzus smell a lot? ›

A. No, it is not normal for your Shih Tzu to have terrible body odor. These dogs are usually clean little pets, sweet, cuddly and minimal shedders. The first thing you should do is to have your vet examine him thoroughly to see if an underlying health issue is responsible for this smelly situation.

What is a rare Shih Tzu? ›

Blue Shih Tzus are a rare and captivating variety within the breed, distinguished by their unique coat color. This distinctive blue hue results from a dilution gene that affects the eumelanin pigment, typically responsible for black and brown colors in dogs.

Is it OK to leave a Shih Tzu home alone? ›

The short answer is yes, but not for very long.

After all, even if you're retired or work from home, it's practically impossible to never leave the house. However, since the Shih Tzu is a companion animal, they're more likely to develop separation anxiety than some other breeds if left alone for long periods of time.

Are Shih Tzu high maintenance? ›

The Shih Tzu is an energetic, vibrant little dog with a surprisingly low-maintenance and easygoing temperament. The only thing they love more than following their humans around their house is being petted and pampered! They'll happily sit in your lap for hours, and can even be prone to laziness.

What to know before buying a Shih Tzu? ›

Gentle but firm persistence with this breed is best, as they're people-pleasers and ultimately want to make you happy. Puppy training classes are key so they learn how to socialize with other dogs and understand simple commands. Shih Tzus love being in the great indoors, but still benefit from short walks and playtime.

Are Shih Tzus good dogs? ›

Shih tzu are renowned for their perky, happy temperaments. They are lively and friendly. Shih tzu tend to get along well with people of all ages and with other dogs as well as other pets of different species. Rarely you will find a snippy shih tzu, but most are very sweet.

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