No Man's Sky Counterfeit Circuits (2024)

1. Counterfeit Circuits - No Man's Sky Wiki - Fandom

  • Reversed-engineered from a captured space station core, these unlicensed circuits are used in a wide range of black- and grey-market technologies.

  • Counterfeit Circuits is a tradeable item. Counterfeit Circuits is a tradeable item. Reversed-engineered from a captured space station core, these unlicensed circuits are used in a wide range of black- and grey-market technologies. Purchase is illegal at nearly all galactic trade terminals. Regular supply is only available within outlaw systems. Selling banned goods into commercially-regulated space may be highly profitable. Purchaseable in outlaw systems From freighter fleets in outlaw systems C

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  • Used as an ingredient for crafting a Cargo Scan Deflector. Can only be sold at a Trade Terminal. Selling in non-outlaw systems provides a price mark-up of ...

  • | No Man's Sky Resources

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4. No Man's Sky: Smuggling Guide - TheGamer

  • Counterfeit Circuits can be bought from Black Market Agents or are offered as rewards from Bounty Masters on Outlaw Stations. The circuits aren't offered at ...

  • Learn how to make some sweet space money in the black market.

5. Cargo Scan Deflector - No Man's Sky Wiki - Fandom

  • Cargo Scan Deflector can be repaired using the following ingredients: PRODUCT.SMUGGLING6 Counterfeit Circuits x1 + PRODUCT.MIRROR Solar Mirror x1 + SUBSTANCE.

  • Cargo Scan Deflector is a starship technology. Cargo Scan Deflector is a starship technology that jams remote cargo scans. A specially tuned resonance jammer, designed to interfere with the remote cargo scans deployed by system authorities in the search for smuggled goods. Deploy from the Quick Menu while a scan in progress to deflect the probe. Note: jamming is not 100% effective. The blueprint can be acquired from Iteration: Hyperion on board Space Anomaly for 240 . Cargo Scan Deflector can be

6. Are Counterfeit Circuits in your Electronic Devices?

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  • Counterfeit integrated circuits, or fake parts, can threaten the safety, security, quality, reliability and profitability of a product.

7. The Dark Side of PCB Assembly – Counterfeit Parts - Green Circuits

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  • The counterfeit market continues to grow everyday - taking many PCB manufacturers & individual organizations as it's victims. Learn more about commonalities within counterfeit components and finding a company you can trust.

8. Trade Goods - NMS Depot, No Man's Sky Item Database

  • ... Counterfeit Circuits · Banned Weapons · First Spawn Relics. No Man's Sky v4.4 - Build 12022825. CATALOGUE. New Features. Materials & Items. Raw Materials - Core

  • No Man's Sky Items - Trade Goods

No Man's Sky Counterfeit Circuits (2024)


How to find outlaw system no man's sky? ›

Locating. To locate this type of star system, install the Conflict Scanner. After installed, open the Galaxy Map and search for a system with the conflict icon is the skull icon instead of the sword one. Alternatively, you can complete the Under a Rebel Star mission to find this system.

Where to get circuit boards in No Man's Sky? ›

How can I obtain these? Use Poly Fibre and Heat Capacitor to create Circuit Board. Doing the missions for your Scientist with help you get those Blueprints. You can also try your luck with RNG and check stores and buy the Circuit Board.

How to make living glass nms? ›

Living Glass can be built using a blueprint and the following ingredients: Lubricant x1 + Glass x5 → Living Glass.

How do you find abandoned systems in no man's sky? ›

Where to find. Abandoned systems will only show up as (abandoned) once you visit them, otherwise they will look like ordinary systems in the Galactic Map. With a Conflict Scanner and Economy Scanner installed, they will always have a low economy rating and no conflict rating (Not Available).

Can you get Exocraft in no man sky? ›

Exocraft become available initially by building their respective geobays. To do this, you must first unlock a blueprint, either through use of an Exocraft Terminal in a base on a planet, or via the research room in the Space Anomaly.

How do I find a Stargate in no man's sky? ›

Before you can find a Portal in NMS, you need to find the thing that lets you find a Portal. In this case, that would be the Alien Monolith structure. You've likely stumbled across plenty of these in your time. The large, black altars are the intended method of locating a nearby Portal.

Can you still get living ships in NMS? ›

The player may naturally develop their first Living Ship via the Starbirth quest free of charge, or purchase one with Nanites after the quest has been completed.

What is the ratio for the living glass farm in no man's sky? ›

In order to make a single lubricant, you need 400 gamma root (8 gamma weed plants) and 50 coprite (2 coprite plants). In order to make 5 pieces of glass, you need 250 frost crystals (5 frostwort plants). This makes a ratio of 8/5/2, the golden number-set for living glass farmers.

How do you get rich in no man's sky? ›

5 Best Ways to Make Money Fast in No Man's Sky
  1. Planet scanning.
  2. Salvage crashed ships.
  3. Be a pirate.
  4. Take advantage of trade routes.
  5. Sell salvaged Sentinel Interceptors.
Feb 21, 2024

What is the rarest stuff in nms? ›

1) Squid ships

You will see many ships in the entire galaxy, but there are certain types that are difficult to find, and none is more rare than the Squid-shaped ship. In fact, you can play the game for hours upon hours and still not come across one of these exotic spacecrafts.

What is the fastest way to get gold in no mans sky? ›

  1. As a primary (very rare) or secondary element in some minerals in caves.
  2. Can be mined from asteroids.
  3. Can be mined from deposits on Exotic planets.
  4. Acquired as loot dropped by pirates.
  5. Can be found in Metal 'Fingers'.
  6. Can be received from Gold Nuggets after they are analysed.

How do you find exotic systems in NMS? ›

Given the procedural nature of the game, there are no locations where a player is guaranteed to find one. S-class ships are more likely to spawn in 3-star systems such as those with descriptors like Opulent or Advanced. In order to determine the wealth of particular system, players will need to own an economy scanner.

How to find outlaw station with Economy Scanner? ›

How To Find An Outlaw Station. Players can find Outlaw Stations by using an Economy Scanner or better to search nearby stars in No Man's Sky's Galaxy Map. The presence of an Outlaw Station will be marked by a tiny skull among the symbols beneath the system's name and basic details.

How do you find the red systems in no man's sky? ›

The one you need to go to will have a red quest symbol next to it. The star colors only apply with NO filters, otherwise the colors will be for the filter elements like different economies, different combat levels etc. So to see exact red systems you need to deactivate all filters first and chose a red sun.

How to warp to outlaw systems in NMS? ›

You can actually teleport to an outlaw station from any base teleporter you build in any system. Just not the one you build on your freighter. It doesn't make sense to me. Freighter teleports use the same rules as station teleports, and a station teleport can't cross outlaw/normal system type.

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